Free food on this game has always been a joke. It should be free for all players or none.

I like your idea.

It’s Good idea. you can follow that ideas.


Windows users  hasn’t any free food offer at all and also no tapjoy mechanism to get free diamonds. Being a Windows user, players like me are in a huge disadvantage this way, but I never got  the feeling that I needed them at all, despite the fact that upgrading and progressing is slowed down in comparison to other platforms.


It’s indeed unfair that I Always need to spend diamonds whenever I need some extra food while others get it for free. Even without getting food for free non-Windows players have a huge advantage, because they can even buy food with the diamonds they are getting for free from tapjoy. To buy food, I either need to win those diamonds from leagues which is making it all more hard.


I expect that Flaregames gets money when enough players are watching videos to get free food and that’s fine for me. Microsoft doesn’t allow a similar mechanism and that’s why we don’t get any free food mechanism and I respect Flaregames decision not to introduce another one. From my perspective, it’s just a game so I don’t care I am in big disadvantage, after all it’s my decision whether or not I play the game.

its still very discouraging but i guess from their perspective most players by the time that they notice this or start to feel the effects of it will have already spent most of the money they will in the game so its not a issue to them…

good that i have account on both android and windows!

Me too.


This game is awesome!!


I have to get Android!

Kho choi qua

Huong dan cach choi o dau vay

Huong dan cach choi o dau vay

I am Windowphone