Free gems while using windows

Here how to get free tapjoy gems using windows.


  • Install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Set up Bluestacks
  • Install RR2 app.
  • Do the tutorial and then copy your account on your Bluestacked RR2.
  • Get free gems like any android users.


Right now there is a 2x offer on Tapjoy. I suscribed to a movie streaming trial for 1980 gems. Just be careful to cancel your 5 day trial right after your subscription. The automatic rebill is 49.99$. You will also be able to complete survey and install apps for gems.


Works like a charm. Enjoy your free gems.



That will work.

now we just need same kind of system to windows PHONE.

anyone knows if there is bluestacks or similiar systems to windows phone?


Thanks for this detailed explanations MrScmouk. It should really help many windows players.


As for myself, i don’t pollute my computer or phone with unnecessary applications. Some of them are too aggressive, some do not clean uninstall.

Actually no application uninstalls well. The hard drive shows that space is empty now but it actually isn’t, some might have been deleted but there will always be remains, data corrupts over time so it can actually be deleted completely after some time, but in general that memory space is still being used while the computer says it isn’t. So we gotta be even more careful when we decide to install something  :slight_smile:


I did what you said…

It seems like its in sync…

Now I am able to watch adds and stuff for gems on android tablet. Meanwhile the same is synced back to my windows phone where I actually play…


Nice one… But,



Hope I will not get banned for this!!!??? (Mod or Admin??)

You’re not doing anything ilegal, you just synced your account in two devices just like they allow players to do.