Free gems

I am in a learning curve on weakness and strengths of units, obstacles, and towers. I would like to give you gems if I can test your base.


I have around 2300 trophies. Please, be sure you are below that.



Please post your:


IGN (In Game Name)

Whether you would like me to record it and post it on Youtube so I can post here for you to watch. I will give full detail on my knowledge and give tips and tricks on how to improve.

CHlLD… My IGN has 2 "L"s I am leader of C.I.A.


You probably won’t get far in my base because you are newer to this game and I have been wasting time on it for a while. Might not want to waste the bread.

But I’d like to see a video of my base lol. I am a little bit of a narcissist.


I can give you advice in exchange for it though! :]

CHILD…Put on a gold shield and remove your troops. I will post as soon as I a done with the video so you can add them back. I am refreshing the page so I can see your reply, to ensure your troops are not down for long.


***you would love to see a two second video of my (back end) getting handed to me…lol.

Removed all my waves! :]

Here is your base…lol. I did not have time to click on a gem or pearl spell :slight_smile:


Put them back :slight_smile:

Thanx for the video and the gems! I really appreciate it bro!

Child, here is the video without the troops. I need to move up in the world.



I will give respect where respect is due and say this is a bad …ummm… base for my level.


Thank you for allowing me to test your base :slight_smile:

Once you unlock Sonic Blast the game moves a lot faster and you upgrade quicker.


If anyone gives you problems let me know! :] I keep my upgrades busy so I always have extra bread.

Awesome, thank you! I will do. I have my Wizard’s tower upgrading as I type this. I will jot down that if I need help against a troll :slight_smile:



Joekie taste my base too,  :lol:

my monsters r waiting for you to vsit. dont make them disappointed dear joekiee  :lol:

Your monster were tired and headed off for some beer. They left your troops and gave me a beat’n.


Enjoy the gems and here is the video.


hahhaha yay,  :wink:

and besides u should use froster on those evil firing knights :slight_smile:

I think you could beat me with a few scrolls!


use a blessing in the chokepoint and use apocalypse at the castle square.


I will try your recommendation. I used up my last bit of gems on all the non-2300 or below people prior in this thread.