Free gift - The Android Helmet

To those using Android only , you can get a free item. Just click the Chest in the lower left corner and then go to the Free section. You will be able to collect a free helmet. I don’t know how long this has been there. Just found out.

Shhhhh, you’ll summon edward and probably some ios protesters soon  :unsure:

Thank you :slight_smile:

What about Apple helmets?!?!?  :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s just great I needed a gold gold helmet… Thanks!

What about Windows Helmet uh…

Windows don’t use helmet,it use curtain,lol


What would a Windows Helmet do? Crash the game more frequently?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows logo on helmet simple ^^

I already mention it here: (click to view picture) :lol:


why cant this be done for windows users???

the videosvodeos u give to windows is a joke, only to boost, nothing else please, u guys suck at being devs and making game fair, i still say play free on windows cuz they screw u over

tbh u would think that becus u screw windows users out of all kinds of free stuff and never make that up to them u would do something for them, the videos u give are bogus, we dont get free stuff just can do the ones for farms and gold, i mean please, i see why u just say it and not really go out of way to tell everyone, u guys suck and really who ever is in charge is not very good for game, all kinds of windows things u can do to give use free stuff, yet ur focus seems to be only on one type of player android, there are allot of other players that u keep this up u turn them off to this game and any game made by u guys, are u just kabam in other name?

Flare probably get something in return from Google for promoting Android OS in their games. I don’t think this has been done to “piss on” other OS players.

Guys you should collect it once you reach lvl 111 so you have a lvl 130 android helmet =P

At least i think… lol

The probability is very high, that Google is the one to blame here, or in other words: Complain with Microsoft and Apple, that they don’t pay Flare for a free item promotion :stuck_out_tongue: