Free pro-ticket, level 8 throne room, game crash

Check please, people report they get crash if trying to collect free ticket

Same thing happened to me, lvl 8 throne room and it always says „connection lost“. 

I dont even know if a throne room lvl 8 player is supposed to be able to get pro-tickets. Maybe something went wrong with the bug-fix-update and has created another bug… hope they will fix it, maybe even give us another compensation ^^.


Does it mean free pro-ticket?

I, too, have had my connection disconnected when trying to claim the free pro-league ticket. I am on throne room level 9. I also see that there is a limited amount of time to play, so if someone can attend to this issue as quickly as possible…It would be much appreciated. I am using a Dell Inspirion 15, 5000 series.

i have throne room level 8, and when i try to collect free pro ticket it automatically disconnects.Flaregames should fix it very quickly and pay compensation.

Tengo el mismo problema al reclamar el ticket-pro gratuito el juego pierde conexion y se vuelve a abrir, hace un tiempo atras me pasaba lo mismo cuando iniciaba una batalla de evento pero ya no tengo ese problema

El juego esta actualizado y lo corro en un celular LG leon con Android version 5.0.1 y mi sala del trono esta a nivel 8

Gracias por su atencion

This is also happening to me too. 

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the issue and working on fixing it.