Free scroll event

I have played for more than a year and I think there is 8 different scrolls that can be used - each one costing gems. I really wonder what these scrolls do as I am not prepared to use my gems just to try them out. If there is a free scroll event and a scroll can be used freely once per attack then at least I will try them out.

Maybe there are 1000 of players like me - not using the scrolls because of the gem cost and not knowing there advantage. 

(I know that this is also a bad idea - it will probably make 80% of defences meaningless)

and also add 4th spell slot

U can test it on your base or friends base,it’s free,same goes to insta troops

As Meng77 said you can pass hours on testing all the scrolls you want in your base or in the base of your allies.

What I would like is ‘Scroll-free War’.

Player’s Skills would be put to the test.

Everyone have said it well already This idea is as good as Insta-Knights for the balance :stuck_out_tongue:  

That’s a cool idea! 

For some War Seasons Various under-utilized Scrolls become free or cheap.

My idea was to not allow scrolls in a war season. That’s why ‘Scroll-Free’ not Free Scroll. Not allowing may be too harsh, then increase the cost, say 2x. Yes your idea is also good, say portal is 50% cost.

i would like that war because i hardly use Scrolls


When players scroll they use gems. and as we know gems are the main source that gives cash to Flaregames.

I like the idea, but it will not happen, since it will cost flare a lot of income. I think we can expect a 50%-200% cost of using scrolls instead of the opposite. Also… for me I don’t care that opponents scroll, at least they deliver me gems that are always welcome.

Like Meng7 said, test scrolls against friendly bases. You can raid players in your friend list plus alliance members as some kind of test and it won’t cost a single gem.

I do not scroll, my base gets scrolled. 

Lot of free gems.

It would be helpful to know why people use time warp rather than armageddon?

People sometimes aren’t sure whether they manage it in time to destroy the castle gate. Also, lasting spells like sonic blast their effect can be transferred to more buildings by run forward technique after using a time warp scroll.

Armageddon will solve a difficult situation for you. For example when you are under very heavy attack by skull towers, gargoyle towers (you name it) and can’t manage the situation with the arsenal currently available. For example spells are in cooldown and if you don’t use the scroll, it would mean end of your army and probably end of raid. Or a situation that even your spells won’t help you to deal with the extreme situation you are currently in. Then an armageddon scroll could be the answer. Also in top teams where a lot of players tend to put firebolts or lightning towers near the gate an armageddon scroll could be the solution to destroy towers on both sides of the gate. time warp won’t help you there, as soon as the gate is destroyed the raid is over. Top teams demand 100% raids.

When you can handle the situation and only need a little bit more time (for example you spend to much time) or you can handle the situation when things would be in slow motion then a time warp can be handy. I used them couple of times in dungeon levels, just to make sure I would not run out of time. It’s just an extra security.

Last but not least, time warp costs less gems than an armageddon scroll.

An improvement of the game would be that knocking down the gate while not 100% is gained that the raider still gets that remaining time to take down the remaining towers until either remaining time is over or 100% is scored. If that would be implemented, we would magically see no towers near the gate any longer, but I bet it won’t happen, since Flare also benefits from the required scrolling to get 100% scores.