Free the beast in the pro league

Take out a FEBE (PHOEBE), who does to free this beast? Sometimes I think and say … it is normal for anyone to release the beast. After all, I as a member … am I going to release this beast, so that they can expel me later or I leave an alliance? Am I going to waste time in the pro league, spending my gems and barely making up for the prize results? Selfishly, I can do the pro league, but for my team attire. I think I can understand that nobody wants to help release the beast. If I leave, the beast stays in the alliance and the alliance is not mine, but the leader’s. That’s why I even think that the leader is the one who should take it out, but … at what price? I know this is statistically, but I know there are good warriors who make a good team with the alliance and they all help, but in contrast, they are the few if we globalize. This writing is just a thought, an observation. I do not ask for anything of changes, nor that something is done, it is only a reflection that I make. If a leader demands that the beast be taken out, it is certain that the warriors leave and go to an alliance where at least the first FEBE is already there. Only the alliance begins to be filled when the FEBE beast is already released and as normal it is a small alliance, the leader should only strive for his alliance so that people looking for the liberated beast begin to arrive. I repeat, I don’t ask for any changes, it’s just a sad reflection. And if the beast is released, who will strive to level it up? Well, at least to level it up, you already have the beast released that is the first objective. Many gems, for little crystals, that’s why I understand that at least in the beginning, it’s the leader’s job to free the beast. Sorry, I’ve repeated a lot, Lol. Greetings to all and have a good weekend.

I think you are somewhat correct that the leader is responsible for it, but you’re an alliance and supposed to help eachother and your leader.

My alliance leader gives me Pro-tickets so i can participate, least i can do in return is saving those crystals to buy Phoebes.

If i were to pay 500 gems for a ticket, i would see myself getting some pro-chests instead, ofcourse.

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Yes, the luck is to have noble people, honest people in your alliance and to spend those tickets that the leader donates to free the beast. Sadly, few members are noble for each alliance. :wink: Congratulations friend for your nobility. :wink: