FREE THE BEAST: Many people do not know that when a pet appears to them, they must go to the part of the alliance - beast and give it to “DONATE”. Quite apart, I explain, but do not realize, because the game does not warn with flashing light in the beast section. I think this should be automatic. It would be good, when a pet comes out of the chest to a member, this pet was automatically added to the corresponding BEAST. THANKS, I hope the technical support, solve.

Donation is done out of free will. It is up to the members to donate what they have. This isn’t a technical issue. It is designed in such a way to respect players.


If you have problems convincing your own members to donate their pals, then the problem is your own leadership.

There is more, if you have multiple teams, you decide where to donate a pal. For example tammy in alliance A and Phoebe in alliance B.

So…Tammy in Genie and Master. and Phoebe in Genie and Master :wink: