Free video chest


ive watched about 4-5 videos and havent recieved Any chests for it. 

Is it a bug that is going on now?

Hello george,

Could you please let us know which OS version do you use?

Thanks alysea for the fast answer


i have the version 9.3 on iPhone 6s 

is that what you mean?


First, it is better to use a Wifi connection, as it is more stable. (in case of you are using mobile data).

Additionally, there might be some hiccups with the delivery of the chests sometimes, but it should go back to normal pretty soon.

Sorry for the troubles.


i did use wi-fi Watching the videos.

ill just Wait then.

thanks for the fast answer alysea!

İn addition, i can’t watch videos to get free chest because video didn’t come to watch any for 2 days

i have that problem too ?

why i haven’t receive any rewards almost 1 day i watching around 10 videos but i received nothing instead 

I don’t even get any ad videos but last weekend during war I got two but didn’t receive rewars chests.

It seems the last week problem stills on. I’m on Android system.