Free Videos Error⚠

Hi To All :heart:

Today i have seen a problem that. … to boost farms i saw free videos but no effect on the farms happens …

Similarly when i saw a free video to get the chest .i got nothing?


Anybody knows whats going on? 

Same here, no rewards after looking the vidz, using iOS.

a lot of storms and servers crashed them. the same here IOS and android.

Same here on IOS ?


Rr2 u beauty ?

Any maintenance bring other bugs???

since 2 days i get no videos anymore on windows phone lumia 650

how to get videos again?

on wp depends on the provider, in my alliance people have no ads for x months. - if someone does not buy ads - it will not be. You must invest in Android.

i had videos working for almost 9 month now on wp…

just last 2 days not woeking anymore

Same here, it was working fine until yesterday on Win10. It even plays the video, just you don’t get the bonus. Also, the game forgets my facebook login, even I reconnect. (Deleted cache also, but still having both issues)


It is very frustrating while you have war and festival parallel, I should give up festival already due to no farm boost. :slightly_frowning_face:

Shall we open a ticket for these issues?

On windows phone videos are not giving free chests and boosts. other ppl ina alliance are saying on pc is the same situation

yes, android is  a must have nowadays

Yeah I am no longer getting the chest in win10. Must be the price for festival. Thanks FLARE.

The video problem continues. When do you solve it?

Same here on windows…

Hello folks, 

Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the situation and working on it to find a solution. 

Could someone affected confirm if they still get ads or not? I’m not talking about rewards, just the ads. 

Many thanks, 


Windows 10: ads without rewards

Android: ads with rewards

Can’t watch ads on Windows 10

Hello there,

Thanks for replying. Is that on PC or phone? Or both? 

If you try to activate a boost by watching a video, do you get the ads? 

Many thanks, 


It just says no offer are available at the moment. So i can’t watch any ads. windows 10 is pc.