Freedom of speech does exist

There is a magical place where you can express your views on the game and not get banned, a place where you dare to say you disagree with something and not get banned, a place where constructive criticism is not a crime punished with you guessed it a ban. Join the RR2 discord server and let’s turn it into what this forum can only dream of being…Somewhere RR2 players can go and chat and have opinions.

Nice idea to post this as many do not know about it…

And yes you can voice opinions there without issue.

Its a lie:) there is no freedom at this discord channel

Oh?? Can you give us more details please, why you think so?

There at least not every word you type is treated like in a kindergarten. When we would have an overview of words not allowed here, someone would seriously scratch behind his ears.

Sure, there are rules, like respect to each other, no spamming and so on, but that there is no freedom?

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Hehe;) cuz i was banned) it was funny;)

really? you were banned? it’s a shock, I wonder why… Sad to hear that…

Not sad.
Its ok

Just freedom of speech is absent;)

So you admit it’s some kind of animal farm? We are all equal but some are more equal?

Like some get banned and keep banned while others get unbanned?

It’s none of my business, but I don’t think it’s fair that some get a perma ban, while others don’t

Why? Its normal thing.
As for me who owe the chanell/forum- makes the rules.
The admins( dont remember who exactly) decided to bann me.
At first it was flare channel( was made for communicate with Alysea), after Skint got bann hammer and banned me. Only cuz this guy didnt have patience/mind to make fun with words:
He was ready to offence me with s…t words but wasnt ready to get pay back

After skint was banned too- i returned but was banned again by another admin( need try to remember who it was).
As i remember he was same weak in keep his position and wasnt ready someone has an another opinion
Also funny he banned me when we discussed Russia and West. So named tolerant ending immidiatly you get the opinion u dont like.