Freezing Lighting Tower

The Freezing Lightning tower would slow the units it chains through and would do extra ice damage. It would also look like floating ice

Lightening does the slow effect to units already. 

The lightning towers already stuns the troops when they get hit by the bolt. Imho, this sounds like a useless new boost

Come on. give him a little chance. probably he is new to the game. He don’t know all.

Sadly i see what you try to do but no its not a good idea. Lightning already stun troops plus we have already a boost call Tempest who add 2 extra shots

Nice try by the way but the feature is already in the game

Yeah, yeah, I gotcha. I appreciate and respect that players take time to make these ideas that they think might make the game better. But, hey, not all of them will work (or they are already in the game). Keep on making ideas, we need new things to be produced and the community is a big part of that

Not a bad idea. He have said the boost will stun them (already in the game) However if he have said Lightning Tower froze them in place in ice for .5 second and up over forge. For maximum of 2 seconds. The idea is great. I will like to make my Lightning Tower more useful. Maybe a War Boost call Frozen Light. Every troops who touch the lighting are frozen 

the difference with normal Lightning Tower is if you have both. Your troops are stunned and can be frozen at same time. So the attacked lose their troops and precious time here

I totally agree with you on this. Atleast he is doing something for the community.

But hey on the other hand we haven’t done any wrong too. Like sharing the fact what is present. So that he might come with a total unique idea next time. 

I know its was just a joke lol. Sometime we are hard on new player lol when we said Already in the game. the guy answer in his head : Damn i didn’t know.

Nothing bad trust me I just joking around lol

No no, it would slow the units after the shock

Yeah, I knew this was what you meant. To be honest, this would really only be useful on the last shock. Once you get into a top 300 alliance or 3000 trophy range, there are a lot of bases with elite boosted lightning towers, meaning that they shock faster. The shocks are one after the other meaning that this boost, when mixed with that common boost, would really only be useful after the last shock. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think it would work