Frequent Disconnections

I am getting disconnected for every 2 minutes. Some of my alliance members are also facing the same issues. Internet from my side is fine because everything related to internet is working.
IGN- BoundingLeaf285
OS- Windows 10
Version- 5.1


Same to me.
Not even connection.
Android system

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Same here cannot connect…
Windows 10 (surface pro)

It’s the same in my alliance, impossible to connect and yet our internet connection is very good … thank you for solving the problem

I am too facing the same problem. I cant able to connect to the game. My internet speed is upto 6mbps but whenever i open the game it says “could not establish connections”. Need helpppp…
IGN: xAdrenalinxx
Platform: Android 7.1
Device: Xioami Redmi Note 4

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Yes me to reconncting

I keep getting disconnection when I try to use the matchmaking. Is flare asleep already? That means we can’t play until they wake up again?

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I can’t even connect since a few hours !

We are having various problems ranging from some who cannot log in, cannot use matchmaker or literally trying any command

Why do we always have to suffer these same issues whenever there is an update


I have been unable to connect and I am disgusted with this situation once again

Brave Fighters of Germania1 also suffering from this.

no connection almost 2 hrs now


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Had similar problem. Kept disconnecting. Pick an alliance or use player search. Raid someone there. No disconnection. After that matchmaker works again.

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Think they need to turn the server off and back on again…

It was working fine earlier but for the last hour I log in and get disconnected again within about 30 seconds. I’d finished a league since last logging on so should be placed into a new league immediately on starting a new session but instead when I log in the Statue of Glory is highlighted but there is no new league and clicking on the info button tells me that tournaments will be unlocked when my Throne Room reaches level 3 (it’s maxed).

I can click on the rewards icon and click to watch an ad to get a free chest, but by the time the ad has finished the game has disconnected so I never get my chest.

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I guess we can say that…

They equipped the server with a “Self Destruction” rune.

Ba dum tss :joy:


I can’t connect at all. My internet works fine.


Me too​:see_no_evil:. I cannot connect since a few hours :pensive:.

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