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Thanks. Helps us to have clarity! :slight_smile:  

You call it an answer? We already know it differs.

Another kind of inequality, without explanation  :angry:

Is it ture, that luck capped at 80%?

Why such info get only some player in private message??? :angry:

This is a public info as you can see on this screenshot, taken from the video from flothaboss about the luck perk.

  1. Why do you refer to the video of one of the players? I can also write anything in the video

Flothaboss is official representative of FG???

Does he get a salary?
Real money, or gems?


  1. Now say, there in this formula can 80+% work/not work

0.4 * (1 - item1) * ( 1 - item2 ) * ( 1 - item3 ) * ( 1 - item4 ) * ( 1 - item5 ) * ( 1 - item6 )


You just in FAQ explained that luck from different items does not add up. What does the total amount cap 80% mean? And how it may work???


Why 80% not mentioned in FAQ?

What r u wait from Her?

she will not help.

she not developer, she not admin.

noone know who is she)) cat pic poster only.


check video Flotha… but who flotha and why we need trust him?? Its really amazing lazzy work.

Really im stopped ask this COMMUNITY manager, which have time posting cats pic, but cant find time to answer community.

Agree with mss73 regarding question 22.Also agree with 80% luck perk cap, either put it as an official information in the FAQ or state clearly that Flothaboss is FG representative and whatever he puts in his videos is 100% true and confirmed.

Overall a good idea with such post on forum answering most asked questions :slight_smile:


Also, Cromka aka. skCwer, loosen up a bit. ))

Does Archimedes stun towers, traps or troops?

SkCwer? I have only one account in game.

If u have more, then one- its abusing of Terms and Services, as we know



Loosen up a bit- new idiom in my dictionary .tnx a lot emgiee1)


  1. Why are medals so low in a particular stage for the mid level player?

Ans : In general, players will receive more medals the stronger the enemy is, they are attacking.


I wanna know , what we compare to says  stronger enemy…

1 : our Base to enemy base  

2 : our attack power to enemy base hardness.


Hero level to level is not work , i have seen it.

Also, if it is base to base        then it means      if i open my base and then i attack to enemy we should get high medals , but this not seen generally.

No use of luck perk 

Its negligible, may be it should replace with some new.

For seeing the effect we have to use 80% …means in hero 9 items we should have 7-8 item of luck perk, what a wastage of perk…

The more people that attack some one and can not beat the base, then that means they are strong.

The more people that attack and beat a base means that they are weak

Ha ha lol

What if i Loose easy player by means

To drop trophy…

Then also a 2000 trophy player or 50-70 level player give good medals For 105 level player…

7. Are beasts permanent once unlocked?
Beasts remain unlocked for an Alliance. If players leave an alliance, they will also lose access to that Beast.

Why does it show that some players got beast but they are without alliance? Must be visual bug that need to be fixed.


I read that chance to open first chest in cof is 75% without luck perk. Can you explain this a little bit more in detail how this exactly works after picking the first chest?

First opened chest chance should be (3/6) => 50%. How is that chance converted into 75%?

Before I pick a chest I assume 3 random chest selections will result in success. When I pick an incorrect chest on first choice, is there some algorithm working on the background to give me a second 50% chance to change it to 75% chance success? Or is something else going on?

Second and third one we know, only… when gems are in there the odds are 0% to get chest 3 if we didn’t continue opening the chest. I would rather see this different, just exchange the gems and give for example pearls instead.

I ask this 75% odds question for a reason. Say first chest opened correct is 75% chance. Say I didn’t open a chest yet and do 6 successful war raids in war season. Based on 75% success rate it means 4-5 attempts out of 6 should be correct on average basis.

This is definite not what my impressions are. I feel the odds are more close to 50%. I could be wrong of course.

The answer is that it doesn’t actually matter which chest you pick, it works out whether it’s a skull or not after you select the chest, not before.

That’s what I was looking for. So I could literally blindfold myself and click a random chest. It doesn’t matter which one I hit in that case.

I would suggest that after a failure, the next selected one is always correct, since I need to spend gems to continue. At least it feels like we spend those gems not for nothing. It doesn’t feel right that player who already used 15 gems, still need to pay more gems for only a shot at success, when that is calculated afterwards. So in fact it’s already decided that in some cases we need to waste 15,30 or even 45 gems to get first reward. That feels totally incorrect.

“75% 1st chest”

"it doesn’t matter the chest you choose, "

it known long ago :)))