Friend can loot me?!

Few weeks now one player attacks me few times daily. I sent him a friend requst so he can stop spam attack me, though i did not asked him why. Even as friend he constantly attacking me because im lower with trophies around 800 and have gold to loot. I dont understand how can he loot me as friend… And no, this is not before i sent him request. 

Of course he can still attack you. You even did him a favour because now he can test your base for free as a friend and then he can make a real attack whenever he wants. Either talk with him or just remove him from friends. 

How can he make a real attack unless he unfriends? 

You can still find & attack him by typing his name in the player search screen: click the trophy icon top right of your main screen, place your cursor in the line above, type the name & press enter (do not press the spyglass icon).

If you put it in your favorite list you can attack your friends.★

Hehe playin since years, never noticed that. But I would also never attack friends ?

Well that’s…lame. Is it like that on purpose or it wasn’t noticed?

You can also attack friends by going under their alliance list and finding them that way. Never done it myself, just something I’ve noticed.

I did now know players can loot friends as favorite. It was not ok just to spam attack me. List goes on as in image. Anyhow, thanks all for reply’s. 

Not know*

loot him back ?

Can’t… He’s strong ?

A friend who attack you in this case its not really a friend. Unfriend him. find better friend

Hahaha. I have also friends in game that are my relatives out of game. We deliberately attack each other to show who’s boss. Friends can not attack only if you are in same alliance. If he is attacking you lot. You should join his alliance or improve your defenses

But can’t you report a player who plunders you like that? , so that flaregames it sanseone in some way because that’s an abuse

I want a blacklist even in such games

The guy who browses my FB and blogs and makes individual attacks
I do not want to be in sight. In case But it is serious.

Like this news, there are people who do not know the love of games and game fellows. Florida shooting: Video gamer kills two at tournament

It is a function that can display intention if you do not want to engage.

If blacklists are set up, I will ban as many as 4 accounts right now.

I have never talked to him, but I do not understand why he does this, but I want to keep it too far.

I personally feel that I am pleased with the person who puts my IGN in favorites and comes to raid from winter.
Because he plays with the defense I made. Everyone understands, right?

It is the difference between a user who welcomes as a fan of the same game and a user who can not welcome it at all.

How is that abuse? It’s a tower defense game, so the purpose of this game is raiding. You raid some players while others raid you, it’s as simple as that. Remember it’s a game, that’s most important. The game allows him to raid you three times per hour, so don’t let this make you angry, sad or something else. Some players are just lazy, they find a base that has easy gold for grab, so they raid multiple times in a row. If this disturbs you, then don’t look who did raid you, it’s as simple as that.

That you don’t like that some raid you, then it’s maybe not the kind of game that you should play. Be glad that it’s not like the beginning of this game, then a player could raid you without a limitation. Only way you could prevent it, was by being online at that moment.

When someone in your friend list loots you day in day out, it’s best to unfriend him. That doesn’t stop him from raiding your base, but at least he can’t test your base any longer. And that you can use in your advantage, by changing your base design somewhat.

Now I understand that you want to get rid of players that raid you all the time. That’s just the way it works. Like I said, always realize it’s a game and don’t hate persons for doing that. Just stay calm, you have options and running away by quitting isn’t the solution. In every game there are bullies (candy crush isn’t my type of game, so in games where fightings take place against other players, you always will have bullies). Best way is to reorganize, work on offense plus defense and show them who’s boss.

I can tell you stories about persons that keep raiding, but let me tell you one thing. In the end they stop, when you beat them through the ground or make you a less attractive target. First find out the reason, is it gold, medals, trophies or is it just that he likes to raid your base. If it’s gold, then drop some trophies (500+) and wait patiently for 5+ days. They are only important during ninja event. Gold he will get less due to that action, so if gold is his motive, he will move on. Medals I don’t think so, there are way stronger bases that give him medals. But best way is working on offense plus defense. 

Change path, place towers at another place, add other troops to wave. Base design is first thing that can help. Don’t just put towers and obstacles on random places, they must help each other. For example, when two towers are weak to fire, don’t place them next to each other, if you do that, you are asking for a simple spell like firestorm to destroy multiple defensive structures at one shot. So have different towers in defense is important. 

So when you have a blockade and barricade plus a firebolt, what obstacle you would use to protect the firebolt? The blockade, since that is not weak to fire. Same for towers, if you have a bomb tower, an arrow tower and a firebolt, it’s fine to put the bomb tower and arrow tower together (one weak to fire, the bomb tower not). So make sure that towers close to each other don’t have same weakness. Later that rule changes (for traps or when towers can’t be one shot or deal damage from far away), but let that not be your concern now. 

Obstacles like blockades and barricades should be placed also with same consideration. Don’t use a blockade to protect a tower like snake or bomb tower, they both share blunt damage weakness. And don’t place them on a place where they can be destroyed before the offending troops can take them out before they arrive there. There is one exception. If you have towers that can damage an army that is trying to destroy such an obstacle, it can be placed there. Having said that, such an obstacle should not be destroyed within a split second, it should stop the army for a few seconds in such situations. Remember that you must not blindfolded drop towers and obstacles in your defense, take some time and think if that tower isn’t more effective on another spot and ask that same question for any other structure in your defense. 

First tip besides this is that no matter what, highest priority are your waves. Whenever a wave upgrade did finish, make sure you can start next upgrade of waves. Now it might look not important to add 1 extra morale to one of your waves, but you must see this as an investment for the future. Towers don’t follow offenders when they are in trouble, but troops do. So whatever you do, keep upgrading waves!

Now then, you know what spells and troops he uses, use that knowledge to your advantage. He uses arblasters and those are pretty weak to poison plus explosions. So options are mortars, skull towers, jester boxes and even bomb towers, but they have to be upgraded to higher levels. Work on your defense, but don’t forget to work on troops that can be used offensive plus defensive. For example when you forge range on your own arblasters plus upgrade them and you manage to get their range further than his, guess who will suffer more?    

Replace a low level barricade by jester boxes. You would be surprised what kind of effect it has on the offender, when half of his army vanishes. So keep your head up, have fun in being creative. He also doesn’t have the base that is very strong. You should manage to beat him by improving some spells plus troops a little bit. Think on weaknesses for structures and troops he has in defense. That should put you on the right way to beat him. For his gargoyles, use speed gear, run towards them and run back, they do no harm that way. 

Good luck

I understand @Dena4, this game is about raiding and all, but its not ok to spam attack me multiple times in just a few minutes/hours. 3times per day is ok. Daily attacks was around 15 times average. And no, i cant defend or attack him because he is way stronger then me. I talked to him and he attacks me less then usual… at normal rate. For now… 

I can’t find your IGN (In game name), so I can only see the one from your offender. His base looks quite easy to me (I of course am somewhat stronger, since I play the game for more than 4 years now), similar like my base is pretty easy for very strong players. With some improvement you should be able to beat his base. 

What is current problem you have to beat his base? Towers too strong, some troops that kill your king? Remember that every troop plus tower has it’s weakness. We all one time had problems with some kind of troops or towers and we found the solutions. So we might help you to advice. 

Current limitation is 3 raids per hour. So yes, he can raid you 15 times a day. Like I said, ignore the list where you see who did raid you if that seems to make you upset. 

You are in a team also? I don’t want you to start a war by asking your team members to help you, but that’s how I did help my team members in the past. Someone raided them multiple times a day? I did raid them in return. And in my team, we take care of players who keep raiding our members. 

I said explicitly not to do that (don’t ask your members for help, unless they are more strong than him). I also once got in war with an entire team due to this ?. It can run out of control easily also, so that’s not the solution. Your leader could contact his leader, explain what is going on and ask him friendly that this player stops raiding you. There are great odds this strategy will work.

If he doesn’t stop, ask your leader permission to visit a team with active boosts and show him then who’s boss. That is another way, during recess. 

He seems to get quite some gold from your base, so an easy way is to not leave a lot of gold unprotected. Use gold on upgrades, I know, workers can be a problem, but you can always upgrade spells, troops, research, waves, when they aren’t maxed. Don’t be an easy source of their gold, you should not make them stronger. 

My ign is cyrillic Микица… Anyhow like i said, he does not attack me often as before so its fine now. So no need for alliance raid :slight_smile:

Im 79lvl atm, he have stronger army and towers. You can attack me freely to test my defence or add me…