Friend code

Hi, i don’t know it’s the proper section to write this thread, sorry if it isn’t :slight_smile:


I started a new account and now i needed a friend code. Can someone help me? Can’t find it anywhere, not even in my clan (which is strange, i mean, this should be like mutual help, we both get something)

Anyway, please write it here or as pm


thanks you very much everyone

Please do not raise a lot of hero level before entering the code. The code typing form disappears.

Please have your friend prepare the code just like this.

*The code I posted here is invalid.

This code with UBERChest is the best.


If they do not need UBER Chest, you can know it in this way right away.

i’m lvl 7 and waiting, but i no one will give me code i’ll just give up and lvl

Hello unnomeacaso,

There is a thread for friend codes. You can post your code there:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am still confused which platform do you use to play this game?

Well, I also like to play a game but simply on the PC.