Friend limits and your alliance

I think everyone in your alliance should have a way of communicating with each other in private chat without the need to friend them. Flare need to add a alliance private chat option that is independent form your 20 friend limit.

I agree. Sometimes I need to tell something to a teammate on private, but I can’t because my friendlist is full all the time :slightly_frowning_face:  

they should make a chat for generals only


We may have someone that not donating or fighting in war and a friendly reminder in private chat is a lot better than sending a group message.

Darren, I played games where their was a General chat. My only problem is I like to see what everyone in my alliance has to say. General’s in my alliance makes up 75% of chat. I think that is why they’re general’s we get to know each other more by talking.

My main problem is that we also need to add members to the friend list. Those should be reachable already without it. Now my friend list contains my generals plus some players that want the contact.

As a result of this others can’t be accepted to the list and that is not so nice.

It’s a failure to have such less limitation of friends,it’s even a disaster once u connect to Facebook.this should be a minor problem that need to be fixed in earlier stage.