Friend Notification message not disappearing

Its been a week now that It shows like i have 3 msg from friends in game. But when I go to friends there is nothing. No friend request no new msg no friend asking for troops nothing. Its not that it matters. I dont care but I thought i must tell the develepors. Does anyone else have the same problem? Sorry for my grammer and spell mistakes!

Sorry that I posted it in general discussing. I should have posted in bugs

I had this once but it went away after 2 days.

Maybe somebody sent you something and then unfriended you befor you could read it? That is the only possibility I see.

I still get the message every now and then that some of my friends joined a team, where they already reside for at least a year now. 

Its still showing but i dont care. Thank you for your replies everyone.


first you should tap at 1st then at 2nd, then when it returns to the main screen it should be gone! hope that helps ? would have this error often ?

You got the point. This is what happened. 

They must be leaving and joining again and again in the same team and you think that it is a bug. It happened with me so many times.

Its not a bug.

Unjoin the facebook and restart the game. You will see the messages

Thanks for your help. Now its gone