friend request

I need some friends in game, add me. Devo502

I have added you to my favorite list so that I can steal all your gold.


Lol :lol:.

I have added you to my favorite list, so i can steal all the gold you have stolen before :lol:

I knew you were comming so I put a gold shield. Have fun not really stealing my gold

Your shield will go off eventually. Then we will take the gold you took :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! If you used the 1 day gold shield, it will wear off exactly when i need gold during the upcoming defense event. Nice :wink:

If you used the 3 or more days gold shield, you will develop a habit of leaving way too much gold in your chamber,
“because is is safe anyway”. It will take you weeks to get rid of it again. During these weeks there will be so much gold,
that not only Karman and me can get high loot, it’s even enough for all our team members :stuck_out_tongue:

Our team will prosper and attract even more members, that will raid you. Amazing, what a single friend request can cause :lol:

even SMARTER nice