Friend uber chest

did u guys still get it after the maintenance yesterday(before war start)?i think flare stop distributing it.

Nice question… I haven’t got another one yet… 

No friend’s chests for me too… And also I do not receive unique uber items from the 10 uber chests I bought during the event. Of course flare says it is normal but I feel myself like the gems I spent was just stolen. It is unfair and I’m very disappointed and frustrated.

Just got it,afraid that it will not be given out anymore:-)

Maybe they got fed up with the number of dummy accts.   I was hoping to get a chest though 

Not had one since the last day of the event, before that it was one every 48 hours or so.


I’ve gotten 1 since it ended.

Got one today

Got mine last night, normal service is resumed, more fake accounts created :lol:

Wish I could give you mine. Hate that locked chest.