Friendliest top-level alliance

A quick note about this topic : I don’t really care who you dislike or why an alliance is bad. Please don’t attack an alliance or member in this thread. I ONLY want to know what top alliance you consider friendliest. :slight_smile:


So here’s my question: Which alliance in the top 50  do you all consider to be the friendliest, funniest and happiest alliance? :wink:

Knight Gallant has always been the most helpful guild leader on the forums, in my opinion. If Angelic ever fell apart, I would definitely go to whichever alliance he leads.

ill vote for the HUNS just to make you happy :slight_smile:

Can’t really say about the happiest since I haven’t experimented the others, but I would bet SK is by far the most social one, to the point of many just chatting on fb instead of attacking (that’s a joke :grinning:

Everyone has such intimidating names in the top 50.


Based on names I’d say:


! Hello World ! (Hello to the entire world? That’s friendly…)


One Piece Pirates (Its a show about pirate friends)


Meet Your Maker (God is a friendly guy so they are friendly by association)

I’d say it would be intense

Friendly can be many way.

  1. Alliance Chat is friendly and members are helpful.

  2. Doesn’t kick anyone even no donate, don’t earn any skulls or having a weak base.


In conclusion, top alliances usually not as casual as others lower rank alliance. They need you to donate, improve your base defense, want you earn some skulls in alliance war so everyone can get the free expensive boost. It doesn’t mean they are not friendly, just not as casual at others.


My alliance is very friendly. We are probably between hard-core and casual alliance. :slight_smile:



Well, it helped that the oldest core of 25-30 players or so were friends in a closed group on fb months before Flare even discussed alliances. In fact the social side kept me in the game when I wanted to retire, and it still does. I really appreciate the friends I made in RR2.


So why not re-join intense, Mr. Silver? No hard feelings, I hope?

No I’m just waiting for an invite from huns(pls give), and I’ve joined intense and then leaving made them reject me every time I apply xD

Greetings, I am the Leader of United We Stand and while We’re not in the tops 100s; like Our goal, or by far the top 50s, I believe We’re one of the best if not better Alliances in the top and from the release of Alliances in November. I started the Alliance in November with the intent of creating as fun Alliance built on and obtaining Glory, Honor, and Power through Teamwork and communication. I’m proud to say over 3/4 of Our Alliance has been with Us since the beginning and aiding, chatting, and improving each other to become strong enough to reach Our original goal of reaching the top 100s.  So far We’ve the highest peak of 190 but currently at the 210s with 29/29 members.  Many of Us have stuck together through the hard times of treason and failure but come through stronger and to even forgive and accept those members who betrayed Us once because I believe people change; and they have and stuck with Us ever since.  As any of Our members can attest to it I do not kick for trophies, donations, even inactivity at first because I don’t lead that way and I don’t desire to reach the top 100s by kicking the “weak-links” to the side; instead We improve them and stick together.  I’m of a more casual Leader that doesn’t demand or set standards that need to met because I understand each of Our members and any member of any Alliance all have social lives, work, etc. and that we all can’t meet deadlines or play some app every day of our lives.  Even myself I’ve been busy with this being my Senior year, NJROTC, and working 6 days a week I just can’t make some things but my members know that and my Generals know how to pilot the ship and keep morale up, launch attacks, and just be there when I can not. 


All in all from my constant rambling, while my methods may be different from top 50 Alliances, I believe “slow and steady wins the race” and it had proven well for Us so far to keep 3/4 of Our members since the beginning, winning and surviving these stressful wars with high integrity moves, no mercenaries, and no low-ball tactics; We win and lose with Honor and integrity as gentleman and gentlewoman.  It has all proven well to get Us thus far, and will prove well to get Us to the top 100s as a Team, as a United Force, and as One, for divided alone you will fall but United together We will Stand and prevail to honor and glory!

I actually was about to say your alliance Diaz, but then I noticed blookie said top 50 so I decided intense

HUNS , your leader helped me once.   :slight_smile:


Love your attitude! Awesome alliance. 

Isn’t meet your maker referring to dying as in like


“Time for you to meet your maker!” *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*  :stuck_out_tongue:


Everytime I see Kings from Meet Your Maker, I’m like “Hell no! Get away from me!” 

Thank you Blookie and Silver/Atlas for the words; makes me proud.

You deserve them :slight_smile:

As one of the generals of United We Stand I also would say our alliance would deserve the title of belonging to the better alliance from the top 200. I joined the alliance somewhere in December after introduction of the bug that Windows players couldn’t login for a period and never regret my decision. It’s better than an alliance, it’s all about helping each other, even with social life. For the game we are there for each other, if somebody has some ‘secret admirer’ who keeps on raiding, the alliance will handle it for the member to scare him/her off. Of course we test each others bases and try to give advice what to improve like any good alliance would do. But it doesn’t stop there. Even with social problems we try to help and be there for our team members. We have been a listening ear more than once for a lot of players and the reward is that our players stay happy and are willing to do an extra step, when we need them most.


Playing a game should be fun and not a burden, so we try to also focus on importance of private life and when we are online too long, our members inform us to take a well deserved break for that day, they will handle it. Most important is that we care for each other, even without knowing each other in real life. We would rather lose an entire war season, then losing a loyal member, that’s the way our members feel. For us it is normal to be there for each other, even during the short period of time that our leader unfortunately temporary had to leave the game. Not a problem at all, the generals took their responsibility and I temporary had the honor to lead the aliance. Well, leading is a big word, the alliance does not really need to be controlled by a leader, every member is aware of his/her responsibility and that’s just fantastic. And sure, sometimes there are some overheated discussions or finger pointings, but other members immediately interfere and tell them to stop, because that’s a golden unwritten rule of us, keep it friendly and hold reckon with others and never blame any other member.


If I just look back at previous war season, we were like a wounded animal, some players unfortunately had to return their devices and we had a dramatic fallback. It was hard to say goodbye to a few of our first members, because they had to return their devices and let them go, but we know they will rejoin us within a few months. But even then they keep tracking us and show interest in our alliance and are asking how we are doing.


To continue with previous war season, due to unfortunate circumstances, only 20 members of 25 remaining members were able to compete in war season and I still can’t believe what happened there. A normal team would have just given up the war, being outnumbered and having to fight against frenzy blaster, while not having any war boosts ourselves. We were losing heavily at day 2, losing 3 wars on a single day. But after frenzy blaster was gone the 20 remaining active players stepped forward, took their responsibility and did the impossible. We beated a 42 member alliance several times in a row to become third. How about that?


And yes, we know that our leader is busy working and since he also deserves a private life, like everybody else, we respect that he isn’t that active for the moment. We totally understand that he and other team members sometimes aren’t helping at all, but that’s fine with us. No need for players to exhaust themselves, giving them a well deserved break is also a part of being there for each other, we just handle the situation by ourselves and if we lose, we take it with dignity, no blaming on people who didn’t attack, we win and lose as a team. After all it’s only a game.


It’s an honor to be a part of this team.