Friendly reminder: This is not MOBA

Dear Flare,

With all due respect, RR2 is NOT a Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game like Dota 2 or League of Legends. In MOBA, nerfing stuffs is very normal in the name of balancing since all heroes can basically be used for free (at least for league, I don’t play Dota 2, used to play Dota 1) so players will incur no losses except for time invested practising those nerfed heroes when there are better heroes to play. 

However, for RR2, just because a pal/unit/spell is strong doesn’t mean you can nerf them to oblivion. If that’s the case, before you even release those “overpowered” pal/unit/spell, you should test it first to see if it’s indeed overpowered rather than waiting for players to spend a fortune and time on them only to reverse all their efforts in the name of “balancing”. Although they are still usable, but them being much weaker than before and all those resources invested into them, is definitely not fun. This is real money we are talking here. 

A better approach in my humble opinion, rather than “reversing” all the efforts done by players is to buff defence like you had done. If it’s not enough, then buff more, ex: LT +1k damage (ok maybe too much but you get my idea) rather than nerfing. Maybe allow 2 beasts to appear or even 3. Rather than nerfing AKA reversal of efforts since this is NOT a MOBA game. 



Exactly!! This is exactly what I was trying to say when the balance update first came out! Players have spent tons of their hard earned gems, and sometimes even money, to upgrade their pals and spells, so you shouldn’t NERF them. Instead of reversing, as you put, you just buff extra on defense. This would’ve been a much wiser decision! Players are complaining because you took and nerfed their hard earned stats!

Wonderfully written post @IceSnowy!!

I have been saying it since the release of new update that it is ok if Flare wants to make the defense more powerful, however, nerfing our forged units or pals is not at all acceptable and this is why I left the game.


Flare just cant dot it as we are the owner of those units and pals now.

Exactly Flare always forgot its not a MOBA or a MMO where when a new hero is release and the developer see its too much OP then they nerf it a little to balance it like in Magic Rush where developer always adjust power and stats of Heroes week after week. Its normal its the kind of game who allow this.

in RR2 we should not see something like this happen. No one will like this. You stab people in the back who have spend time and money for a unit,pal or spells. Its not acceptable

Left MOBA and MMO do what they know to do and be more RR2 with Tower Defense. What apply to them really don’t work in RR2. Flare have wrong on all the line if they think they can do the same

Would be great if Flare saw this. I saw that they have plans to “balance” phoebe beast in defense. If balance = reducing stats, please don’t. Its so annoying, be it for offense or defense. Reducing stats is annoying for a tower defense game. They are basically saying, since everyone’s using this, I am gonna make it weaker so they will start upgrading other stuff AKA you know what.  

If defense now overpowered, boost offense. If offense overpowered, boost defense. Please dont reverse our efforts by nerfing them/reducing their stats. I am pretty sure in the end, it will be balanced out. Maybe add extra skills for spells. Example: Casting blizzard will summon a hailstorm that deals 10kdps for 5 seconds or Rather than slowing, it totally freezes everything for x seconds. Just a suggestion. 

Today in my App Store, one of the topics is about MOBA. I show explanation and screenshots (they aren’t in English but in Italian).