Friendly Wars during off season!!

There should be an 1-1 battle between two teams during off season (since there is nothing to do because of this long long upgrades and boredom is killing everyone). Every team has to select how many members they want to put in war (members can be selected as 10-15-20-25-…-60) so that any players who wants a break wont be oblig to participate. Rewards might be anything like Alliance gold, Elite Boost (I have nothing in mind now). Teams will be match by the amount of players selected and their total trophies so that the two teams are evenly match. No champs, No shield, So skull bonus!! Just 3 attacks available for each player.

i agree with this topic

I don’t like this ideal. We have enough trouble to fight during War Season with 10 battles each wave plus if you are in Platinum league or Diamond league at the same time. If we have battle off war people need the 5 days break between War. If you give them battle off war…oh my god you change this game totally in ‘’ No life mode’’ People have enough trouble to do the War season with their university,the job,kids,etc…

You said don’t participate if you don’t want. yeah and lose a chance to win reward. C’mon this ideal its bad totally bad. I prefer to have Daily Quest,Events or be busy to upgrade my stuffs with raid,etc…

Battle off War? maybe good for ‘‘No Life player’’ but not for people with huge life. I don’t think people can be agree with that. I’m sure the players use the 5 days off to take a break before the next War

for me this ideal its like if you said War Season its now 1 weeks. Friendly War its just a extension of few days of War Season. In other world your ideal look like a War Season 24/7. I don’t think people gonna love that


^^ its not war 24/7 its just war for a day in between off season :slight_smile:

i agree with Titanka because 5 days is very boring.A one day war would be nice.

oh ok if its only 1 day. Can be cool

it could be a ideal refresher in mid off season!! Most of our upgrade ase +5 days long. So most days there is no reason to play the game (except those are playing for leagues bt I get just 34 medals so its hard for me). It’s could be also a way to test the new players if they are worth it.

i only get 25 medals and i only win leagues during war. And i have nothing to do for 5 days so a 1 day war would be fun…

we want friendly war during off season please!!!

Off War too you can find player with high number of medals. If you find some that give 250,300,350 or more and you can beat them keep them in your favorite list. That allow me to win 8 time in a row Platinum league. Since April I do Platinum,Diamond,Platinum,Diamond,Platinum Diamond,etc…

Good luck!!! Each demand we have do for month was not in the game. Flaregames don’t read this forum and don’t care about all your demand. They only think about the money they do and nothing else. 

I do the same to win leagues bt its hard to win leagues when you are in a low level ally with no offensive boost during off season. And again its not a demand :slight_smile: lets just hope flare might take the idea into consideration and actually give something during off season :slight_smile: i have seen post suggesting to have flash wars but i think that will have a conflict of time zone if the war is less than 20 hrs. I have one more suggestion, havings pearls as rewards would be the best for such 1 day war. Also we could have twice xp boost to interest players.

i think we need to keep this topic on top to get it in the game and i will not stop till this off season war is in the game.

i demand this to be in the Game.

I just want war system  to be totally revamped.

when war season first started we only had a 3 day break it was a real chore, and flare changed it as so many complained.

So no extra wars please friendly or otherwise.

queenambie i’m sorry but we need off season war

Nope, we don’t need off season wars at all. Something similar and optional for each player would be ok for those who are looking for something else to do like you (as you stated on your original post). But we’re not “needing” more wars when we are supposed to rest from season.

well the off season war you could choose if you want to enter or not and you could pick your members and its only 8 or 10 members per off season war…

That’s what i mentioned!! It optional you can take a break without playing such wars if you are on a hectic schedule and need a break from the game but those people who have less workers have nothing to do (i recently got 3 more workers but yes still i have nothing to do). The rewards should be off lesser importance (golds, pearls etc). Then again we can always have something similar if not it. And for those who are busy they can completely skip such wars :slight_smile:

at least someone understand 

right now i’m bored of doing nothing in rr2 and war is in 2 days …2 hole day

we want friendly off season war!!!