Friends message display bug..

It’s showing “2” messages on the community button but when i head to my friend list there is no message from anyone, same “2” is showing in friends tab but nothing after…


someone wrote to you and then removed from your friends. or you wrote and deleted and that person wrote back.

No, that’s not the problem, none of my friends removed me neither i did it

I’m having this problem, too. Does anyone know how to get rid of the stuck message? I use the list a lot so I definitely can’t remember who I possibly unfriended or who unfriended me that caused this bug in the first place.

I have same problem…some  notification is always there but nothing shows up when I open them…on my Android but if I open it on my PC all shows…actually some friends are not showing in list on android who r showing in windows and that is creating problems and notification issue. Fix this @GalaMorgane