Fritz is an odd ball out

Was created quite differently from all the ‘basic’ pets, and for seemingly no reason at that.

As far as the ‘regular’ pets go (the very first ones released, not the overpowered Pro League ones), each Pet was basically your pocket equivalent of one of the spells already existing in the game.

We have:

• Tammy = Heal spell. Maxed spell heals for 7,9k and so does Tammy at lvl 7, so they’re pretty much equivalent to eachother.
• Archimedes = Swordrain. I don’t have Archimedes maxed but I’m aslo assuming their damages are roughly the same.
• Eldrak = Firestorm. This is where things get interesting, because Eldrak’s Firestorm does far more damage than your regular Firestorm spell - 13k at lvl 7 compared to 9k for the maxed, non-forged Spell itself. Quite a gap in power!
• Bucky = Shield. Reversed situation to Eldrak here, where Bucky shields for a measly 4,7k at lvl 7, while your Shield spell is far superior at 5,8k. Not too bothered personally, both values are usually enough and do their job.
• Kaiser = Sonic Blast. Another case of pet being far superior to the spell itself. Kaiser at lvl 8 casts Sonic for an astonishing 17,5 damage, while the spell itself, maxed, does a whooping 6k less, so around 11k damage. But that’s also okay, since Blunt damage isn’t that great anymore, especially not against the cancerous Pro League boosts, and either is or already has been outclassed by the Bladestorm spell. Again, mostly a fine situation, due to mentioned low effectiveness of Blunt damage and because Kaiser’s purpose is mainly farming Gold.

Now we reach the curious case of Fritz, who was a huge disappointment to me, personally.

It is supposed to be the equivalent of Blizzard spell, except there’s 2 things out of place (I dare say just wrong) with this pet. First off, Fritz does not cast Blizzard at all, instead it rolls through the lane, meaning its only effective against units, mostly. Because it does not cast your typical AoE Blizzard spell, it is useless against Skull Towers, which are now the bane of all defenses when paired with Healing Towers, and there’s little ways to deal with them while they obliterate your army. This is precisely why I wish Fritz was changed to have a ‘regular’ Blizzard spell instead, and an increased range of at least 5.5 if not 6 range units, as then the pet would actually be useful. And completely aside from its lack of effectiveness, that’s a double-sad point, because Fritz is the darn cutes Pal in the game, in my eyes at least.

There has been extremely little communication from Flare on pets in general, as in the entire idea behind them. What was the base design goal for them? Were all Pets meant to do slightly to considerably more damage than their Spell counter parts or not? If so, why are some pets, such as Fritz, heavily underpowered in that regard or so distinctively different? I love the Blizzard spell, but its effectiveness has gone way down since a good while now (since Healing Towers were introduced…), and while its still very effective against certain units, it suffers in the Tower destruction department. Everybody knows Flare hates Blizzard, but something has to change soon, either via new Spell levels through the Wizard tower, to keep up with all those Skull Towers, or by buffing Fritz, essentially changing how the pal works, making it cast the actual Blizzard spell itself.

Right now, the game is in a state where there have been a few decent updates lately, introducing new towers, the Pal Flute spell and so on, but in retrospect, none of those adjustments can compare to the benefits Pro League and its boosts offer in vacuum. You needed money so you’ve made the disparity between paying and non-paying users that much greater - ok, I get it. But it’s been a good while that this has lasted now and I thinnk it’s high time we got another update that doesn’t increase Tower levels per se, except for the new Basilisk ones, since they still suck, but an update that would add additional levels to:

• Wizard tower, for spells.
• Troop Academy, for Vikings mostly (because just like Basilisk towers, they still suck at lvl 4).
• Inventor’s Workshop, for Basilisk towers (because just like Vikings, they still suck at lvl 4).
• Castle gate; it’s about time you guys went a bit looser with this thing, because getting +1 Path per upgrade is silly considering how much space we have left on the field. Start giving Castle upgrades of at least +2 if not +3 Paths, so that we have another reason to stay in the game, that is getting creative and coming up with new defense layouts, which is (or used to be) one of the main drives of this game, because everyone’s rocking out mostly the same few designs now.
• All this paired with a 7 day waiting time reduction for the free Pro League ticket. That is, if you want people to still keep on playing and keep up with all the heavy cash spenders.
Lastly, fix that stupidly overpowered Phoebe and its seizure-inducing white screen flash. I already wrote you about this months ago and you still think it’s okay to induce seizures in your users, without any warning in game whatsoever that it may actually occur.  Remember the Pokemon seizure controversy back in the day in Japan? Because this is kind of what facing Phoebe looks like ( !!! epilepsy warning !!! )

TLDR: upgrade Fritz and release a game update that won’t upgrade most towers for once, so that the rest of us plebs can catch up with the whales.

Fritz is great against Skull Towers, not sure where you’re getting this BS info. The only problem I see with Fritz, is his bug that prevents him from dealing the damage he’s supposed to

How is Fritz good against Skull Towers when he rolls in a straight line in the line he’s currently is (while all Skull Towers are bombarding you from the opposite lane)?

Maybe not for you, but for me, he’s great (once again, only good when the bug is not active). Just don’t use Fritz if you think he’s bad