Fritz Pal Collector Event?

*throws up*

Not sure what flare was thinking here, what are you waiting for? Do something “fun” like you said we should be expecting this year

One more thing to add to this debacle, there is no end date. It starts tomorrow, but ends…when?

I would have prefered Aska. Fritz is … fritz.

I do not understand why it is so difficult to give us the exact starting and ending time …

It doesn’t end, that’s what will be great about this event!

You’ll get a higher chance of getting pals FOREVER! :lol:

To make things worse, for those who don’t have Fritz and get him in this Pal event, they will be disappointed…majorly! The Fritz pal has an ENORMOUS bug that makes him deal half or even none of the damage that he is supposed to 

@Archimedes You done good for a bit, giving exact event start/end times but I see y’all miss my nagging too much.

Announce. The. Damn. Event. Times! <_< (and I know you can)

This may be a good sign, however, @JiggleFizziks. This could mean that their minds are on something else. Either the bugs or a new update. Either way is good…except the fact that we don’t know when this event ends

P.S. Just hit 1900 posts lol

Congrats, m8. :slight_smile:

I think beast Fritz is a good defense, everytime I found him I lose, which doesn’t happen with others

Fritz does seem like a good defensive beast. Both him and Phoebe

The Pal is out there to undermine the chances to get another pal you really might want to get.


The more pals you have in game the more likely you are not getting a pal from the free pal chests “forcing” players to buy pal-chests from shop?

Since the last time another pal was made available the likelihood/chance of a pal dropping from the free chest seems to have flown out the window altogether within my alliance.


Are free pal chests supposed to have a chance to give you a pal? I’ve never found one lol 

I actually have gotten a Growl from a pal chest. So that’d be a yes, but the chances are low and even then, the chances for a good pal are lower than that

The event will last until Friday the 23rd, 11am CET.  - Archimedes

So we get a crappy event, and then to add on to THAT, we get it for only one day. Think this through flare, all you’re doing is making people hate the game even more than before. This year was promised to bring fun changes, not more bugs than ever and no fun events

Next: Howl Collector-Event

I guess it wasn’t forever after all …

Managed to get two Fritz pals.

My alliance 3 in total. Guess we got lucky.

And the last event was a 2 day Black Smith event, also a weak event.

Hopefully they will make it up next week with a community event.

You are lucky , i don’t get even one.