Fritz Pal Gameplay


Fritz is like Kaiser, but is much funner to watch and in some places much deadlier

Don’t forget he is by far the cutest Pal, period!

He slides forward on his own when he uses his ability, no more pushing from behind and apparently his spell hit’s twice! Dealing damage when he slides forward and then again when he slides backwards.

yeah, WAY better than Kaiser

I did a real attack with him and dominated, I think he’s good, but the one bad thing is, you are forced to use monks (or heal spell) in your army

so he runs ahead when he releases his main spell? that’s pretty great compared to the other pals. 

Personally I wouldn’t compare it to Kaiser because I use Kaiser pretty much for his gold boost only with my gold gear and Fritz doesn’t have the gold boost.

Yeah, he’s awesome. He’s next to your hero, he slides for 2 tiles, releasing the Blizzard, jumps back up, slides back 2 tiles and deals Blizzard. It’s good and bad at the same time. Good: Deals double damage. Bad: If you have a speed hero you can jump WAY ahead of your pal and be left to fend for yourself

next to hero? thanks, made a laugh 

look at ftb video, fritz cannot go through the big army and stay BEHIND them!

or just lost on labyrinth!

@mss73 I can’t stand when people don’t read all of one person’s comment. If you look back I said that a bad thing that happens is that he can fall behind in the army after his boost

bad read, understand nothing
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My good friend Afrasyab made a video on the new Fritz pal. Check it out!


Merged, since we do not want Fritz to flood the forums :grinning:

Did he can really feel the power of pals with only leveling up to level 4? In my case I need at least level 6.

By the way, why mine and his Beast page is different? He can see all the Beast form and don’t have donate button


You can see the offensive beasts by clicking on the flute icon in the pal menu in the upper part at right

Thank you.

I haven’t unlocking pal flute, that’s probably why… ?