Fritz vs Archimedes upgrade to lvl 8

I have both Archimedes (owl) and Fritz penquin at level 7 for offense.  I want to upgrade one of them to level 8.  What suggestion’s do you have and why?

Fritz is definitely the better pal. More firepower + slowdown on troops and towers that he doesn’t destroy. Archimedes isn’t great as of right now, but may be in the near future since flare has been working on buffing him. Right now I’d 100% go for Fritz to level 8 though

I would wait until the Archimedes Buff.

Bump, because we may never know…

Archimedes may become finally good!  ")

Fritz is a very strong pal and it’s very usefull. It’s strong at high lvl play and I’m guessing it is insane at low levels.