Hello my name in game is “il re ditalia” ,

i ve always play with my iphone so in IOS os but last week end someone have stolen my phone, now Im using one samsung Galaxy so ANDROID OS.

I ve installed the game on the new device but i dont find any way to recover my profilefrom IOS to ANDROID…

help me pls ??

Waiting your anwser and suggestions…

thank you very much

Hey Il, the game is 100% cross-platform and there is a built-in mechanic to link other devices (platforms even) to your account. There are three ways you can resolve your issue and they go as follows:

  1. Easy way. If you have any device with you current account (PC, Ipod, etc.), locate the Options tab, and inside there will be the “Link Account” button that you need to click. Then follow the directions. At some point you will have to approve the process from any linked account, so it is only applicable if you have a logged-in device

  2. Also an easy way. If you have a full backup of your old Iphone, restoring any new device from this backup will automatically link it with your account. Same might be true for Game Center, as the two accounts may well be tied together. Anyway, for me restoring the backup on new IPad did the trick, may work for you too.

  3. Hard way. Now, if you dont have ay backups, logged in devices or new IPhones just yet, you need to write to the Tech Support and they will do the thing for you. Now, this would involve a rather lengthy Q/A session where they will try to make sure you are the real owner, with questions ranging from “when did you start playing” to the number of gems on your account and stuff like that. This will grant you your account though, no matter how inconvenient this is. Reach out to support and they should be able to help you. I would do it early today, or you will probably have to wait until next week.

Good luck.