Frost/Fire Balance

I like how Frosters are good against Blockades, and Pyromancers are good against Barricades. 

But I think that division of good against wood and good against stone should continue. 

Frosters are good against scull towers, but I think they should also be useful against Bomb Towers!

Now in the interest of balancing, I don’t think they should have a bonus against Werewolves (seriously the Werewolf is the monster of the cold North it makes no sense.)

Remember when you see a werewolf you grab your torch and pitchfork. I think werewolves should also be weak to fire.  But again, a little balancing I’d give them a small resistance to poison since their monsters.

True. It’s nonsense werewolf weak against cold. It should be weak against fire, maybe poison.


I agree with you about how werewolves should be, but remember the mummy is weak to fire. So that would mean to powerful units are vulnerable to a Firestorm. 

Werewolf with fire weakness would not work because there is no instant fire spell and werewolf needs to be killed quickly. Plus, it would have to be a OP fire spell to kill them with 1 hit, preventing them from howling, because having to waste Blizzard just to slow them and then another spell to kill them would make the game too hard, imo.

Werewolf is the fastest unit and because of that, the ice weakness is the best choice.

VC eh brasileiro, ne?


Não sou, não. Quem te disse isso? É tudo mentira!  :wink:


You and I will never see eye to eye on this issue.  You’re thinking from the point of view of what it currently is.  I’m thinking from the point of view of what it should be. 

And to answer your statement yes, there would be balancing required.  It would not be a simple change. 

And realistically no one will ever listen to it. 

But I still think it would be better.