Frost Tower

The Frost Tower was made to being parallel with the Gargoyle Tower which is fire and is weak with to frost.   But that was a giant failure! Neither Tower was at all useful they finally made the Gargoyle Tower only useful if you got the horses and boost. And the Frost Tower was never close to fixed! 

So this would make me use the frost Tower: First off allow the range perk to be upgraded. Second remove its weakness to fire if you look at the Frost Tower it’s a giant fire hose there’s no reason to have a weakness.  The Frost Tower would be very strong but to ballance it deal minimal damage.

I guess this will make it more useful.



I love your idea for the Blockade boost!

But your Frost Tower boost is not enough. 

Currently we have: Arrow Towers, Barricades, Firebolt Towers, Lighting Towers, and Frost Towers all with an extreme weakness to Fire!  That’s way, way too much!

And look at the freaking Frost Tower it’s a giant fire extinguisher!  There’s no reason for it to be weak to fire!


Maybe they can fix the Frost Tower for Christmas! 

That would be very Christmas-y!

Oh and do LacunaC’s suggestion too!


With Flare we never know if they like the idea or not :slightly_frowning_face: doing something about the Frost tower its a good idea. This tower its useless. Maybe useful 1 time only when we having Basilisk Bomber without that this tower stay in inventory

Yeah, why is Flare constantly adding new content without first fixing old content?

I don’t know. flare politic is ‘’ Why repair the old content when we can add more content,more bugs and scrap the game?’’ just about the bugs its insane. When i read all the problems on IOS or Android its just wow!

I just think about the Frost Tower right now and the problem is the concept and design are totally scrap and not well make. When you look carefully its more like a Water Tower who do a cold waterfall and the knight are slow just a little because they are wet and they are cold. 

A Frost Tower like the name said it must do Frost not Water. Something with a special effect of ice and snow. Like a horizontal wall of Snow with wind and if a troops go there at the moment of the snow they are totally frozen for 2 seconds. The tower must add same stats like Snake Tower

Something like that

Who said it is water, read the description. But yeah still it is useless, the freeze duration must be higher.

when you look at it maybe not in the description but in visual. Ice its more white than light blue lol

Description is ice, but job is pretty much of water. :slight_smile:  Although Frozen Spire is tough (War Boost).

I think Frost Towers are relevant again, spotted Frost Tower in Flothaboss base.

Then put some in your base for the War Season just to give them a real test.


Frost Towers at 3-4 levels near max started to have more range and significantly higher damage. I just have 2 level 3 frost towers. I don’t but probably a max level might be useful, might be. 734 damage is quite high to eliminate a werewolf. Don’t really know much.

My point is it really doesn’t seem that useful if you don’t even want to use one or even upgrade one.  And you’re the only one standing up for it.

In all fairness though, it is interesting that Flothaboss has some.

Probably 20 Max Frost Towers :grinning:

There is a proof somewhere add a max Frost Tower worth it? I have 2 in my base at level 8 but I don’t if I must upgrade it or not. I hesitate

The Frost Tower should cast a Blizzard Spell when troops first approach it. 

Like the Gargoyle spawn when you approach a Gargoyle Tower.  

I’m trying out a Frost Tower in my base…

On the side of my L.  I have Snake Tower / Frost Trap, Frost Tower / Tough Barricade, then Snake Tower / Frost Trap again, so that the Frosty/Slow Effect never lets up.

I don’t have it fully maxed yet, but I’m getting close.  Once I switched it in honestly…  My defenses weren’t worse.  I don’t know if they were better…  But.