FROST TOWERS??????????

hey guys what’s the use of frost towers.I never used one because I had seen players having trophies in my range using frost towers quite upgraded ones but I easily pass them with my 12% wind boots and my level 8 firestorm do the rest.are they useful when they used in any combination because I think they didn’t affect the hero much…

I find often max Frost Towers during my battles but are extremely useless because my hero easily skip them without slowly a lot, the developers should increase the slow effect and damage a bit more because i don’t find this benefict put them into paths…

They slow hero down, just like the froster unit. Typically arent used too much in the top 500 bases, but they can absolutely be used in a good strategy if you want. Max frost tower has about 15k health, little under that of a max firebolt, so it aint bad.


Hit up a base the other day that used max frosters in conjunction with a sort of death trap. Caught me by surprise and almost killed me before my hero slowly stumbled away. Overall, id say if you got em, use em. If not, focus on upgrading your skulls. Would like to see a lvl or two added to frost towers to increase the variety a bit =)

Most of the good players keep saying that they make deadly combination with snake towers.i don’t know how because as far as I had seen in this game almost all players including elite ones usually skip snake towers not even getting close to them in the battle and hey condordagreat I found skull towers completely useless when we use time wrap while other towers are doing little damage skull towers remains standing like a statue or something…


True, but even under timewarp a max sonic still wont take a max skull.


Plus, the pearls are running out. Not sure what rank you are, but id  say if it cost a pearl scroll to take you out, you doing alright.


And yea, i saw a couple frost/poison combo. Good, but not great

Frost towers really don’t do anything. You can remove the Slow effect with the Hero’s Scream ability. So it gives a little bit of damage, but even a low-level Snake tower is more effective than a maxed frost tower.

No they should change them entirely and make them ranged or create a ranged version of the tower and have it as a high tier deal.

Would then maybe have a reason to use frost shielding gear.

Skull towers (at least, higher level skull towers!) are very effective and deadly to your troops. And if you need to use timewarp scrolls on a base, that probably means “without scrolls it is too tough to beat”, which implies the base works well.


But on frost towers, I have found them mostly useless for most of my royal revolt life, but take a look at this video:

Max level frost tower actually withstands a full sonic blast and does at least some damage finally… anyway, those tests should give you a rough impression of strengths/weaknesses of frost and other towers! :grinning:

Tamam akif


i think there good when you adjoin them with bomb towers :wink: