Guys please someone do test on froster blaster and frosters.i want to know few things:-

1-which among them is more deadly against boosted werewolf.if some good level airblasters and frosters are used against wolf which unit gonna kill wolf in less time???

2-is frost effect of froster and airblaster is same.i mean suppose a wave is coming towards hero and froster is stopping them simultaneously damaging them,is the wave gonna take more time to reach hero if similar experiment is done with froster blaster???

3-which is more deadly against skull towers???

Boosted arbs only focus on 1 enemy and slow them down. The effect is the same like you see it from froster. I think it is better to use boosted arbs against Werewolf and Skull tower, because they deal more damage. When you want to stop big masses - use Froster.


I have 1 Froster in my wave because of crowd control.