Frozen Spires Near Gate.

I’m speechless… Just gotten a 98% due to ******** frozen spire that’s somehow able to tank maxed Sonic+Firestorm…

Leaving behind like 15-20% hp which needed another 4-5 auto attacks to kill…

Just wow… What’s next? Need to bring 3 damage spell, rush gate, kill all towers? 

Worst ts part was knowing that my sonic and firestorm had already forged quite some damage…





wait to see some perked bombers or fb lol

You need 15k-16k damage on sonic to one shot the spire.I got 13k and it has 20% HP left.My firestorm finish it off, 8.3k damage.

If you have weaker spells than mine, recommend to bring insta pyro for this island.Does the job well without taking down gate.

Smart fii


I still don’t see how is it balanced to require 2 (heavily forged/geared) spells to finish off a tower 

Well considering the frozen spire does nothing in term of damage, I’d say the insane HP is in some way, balance.

At least now you will be prepared in future event.I failed this time as well, island 20, forgot to wear FS helm.Something to be careful about in the future for me, that is to always check gears before raiding.

Its no need balance.

if u wanna get 1 -u need have best speels and troops

However, I do think they need to tone down the HP a bit in lower tier.So far it seems tier 5900 to tier 4500 all have same frozen spire HP.

Well, it’s suppose to be a slow, FRAGILE, support tower according to wikia anyways ._. I don’t see how it became one of the (if not THE tankiest) tank tower that’s placed AT THE GATE =_="

Thats probably frost tower, not frozen spire

Frost is best used with Skull Tower. A tower with low damage and health and little less weak to blunt compared to other towers.

Now Frozen Spires have 80% health boost so that was just a war boost. Flare could have made it an elite boost.

I’m quite disappointed in this too. I too have heavily forged spells and still too much HP left on these. Its not the towers that bug me so much as the weak gates.  Feels like being set up to fail.

If the logic is only those with the best gear win, the the divide between the weak and the strong will open. Not sure how this can be fixed. Flare was told forging would unbalance the game. How will new players ever be able to compete with long term players. 

Folks ask for harder levels when they have gear that can deal with the towers. Its like the rich asking for higher prices because they feel like everything is too cheap.

These events should help close gaps and not open them. They should be fun and rewarding. Who cares if 80% of players get first. They all spend gems to get there didn’t they?

Personally i missed a tower again, so i went into “no care” mode and did my best while saving gems. I’m not interested in spending gems for legendary chests. This will be my strategy going forward as well. 

I’m interested to see how new tower levels will “balance” the game again. 

Congrats to those who succeeded.

well said man.