Ok first have to admit …I am slightly addicted to this game…long as I have bread…I am a happy camper…


I like others like moving in an upward direction…for the most part anyway…


I like the game for the most part…I have been raided daily by this one charater…frankly it’s a bit discouraging to say the least…I do a few raids to get coins for upgrading and I move up a bit only to be chopped back down where I started in the moring…I’ve lost 51 trophies in 3 days to this character give or take a few…I am a lvl 33 with a mear 874 trophies… this other character no idea what lvl it is…but 1530 trophies my guess likely about a lvl 45 50 perhaps…


All I have been able to manage the last few days is 880 trphies at best and enough coins to upgrade my castle…seems the biggest problem is this matching system…or the ability for higher lvl players raiding  lesser ones…


Any ideas suggestions?





I suggest to just keep playing and levelling up. And most important try to have fun while doing it! :wink:


If it’s only one special upgrade that seems too hard to do, simply consider using a gold shield to get the gold together for it. That’s what it is there for after all…


Seems like you simply offer him good loot. So he keeps attacking because your base is worth it.

Had such “friends” myself from time to time. I always take a look at their bases - if it’s worth a lot and is beatable I attack back, if not I simply ignore it.

He will probably stop sooner or later. You’ll perhaps get too difficult after leveling up, too boring because he grew even stronger, your loot gets to be too low or he simply finds another victim that’s worth more to him - you’ll probably never know why.


Being raided is part of the game and I never cared much if it’s the same player raiding me over and over again or always different ones. The loot/trophies they get is gone either way, so it doesn’t make a difference to me who took it.


And don’t forget: If you use your favorite list to store worthy targets (which seems very likely), you probably do the same to others yourself.

Hey thanks for the input…


But this person is still at it…this isn’t fun…I take 1 step forward this person kicks me back 3…just going to let the taverns earn the coins and upgrade when the funds are available…hopefully he’ll get bored…and piss off…


That’s all I’m going to say about that…

Don’t worry everyone goes through this, some quit some don’t. And those who don’t, keep going forward. Trophies will come eventually don’t worry just keep pushing. But if you really want him to stop raiding you you can do this. There are 3 things he will raid you for-

  1. Trophies - this is unlikely as you probably offer him less than 10 per raid.

  2. Medals - remove all your defences and he will get 0 medals from your base.

  3. Gold - stop playing for a week or two, then he would have levelled up so much that it won’t be worth attacking you.

But I’d suggest don’t go for 2 or 3, just keep playing smart.

You got PM! :wink:

When you are weak, raising Trophies isn’t something I suggest.

Because you will get lower reward from weaker base and you will encounter too strong base and make you fail more.

Just try one go raid for collecting gold to upgrading your base or your king.

When you too strong or you give less reward to that guy. Constant raiding from that guy won’t happen anymore. But if you continue raising Trophies too high, you will encounter more player which have play style like that guy.

Yea, just take a step back and realize this is a marathon not a race. There will be little set backs in the road and it is a competitive game so there are vultures ready to steal from you. The game does a pretty good job limiting the amount of trophies and gold a higher ranked player can steal from a lower ranked one. So if he is constantly stealing a lot like you are saying he must be fairly close to you level wise. The best thing to do is level up some and work on upgrading your defenses and tweaking it over and over again and seeing what defense works best to hold that player out of you base. Also once you get stronger or if you can now start attacking him and steal your stuff back! It really fun to start mini wars with players in game. It can also be very profitable if you get someone who likes to use scrolls and start a war with them while you are not using scrolls to beat them! 

Hey thanks every one for your in put…I’ve let this character go inactive…I have since started 5 characters…told you I’m addicted to this game…and I am retired…so I’ve made it my mission to be a pain in some buttocks as it were…


That’s all I’m going to say about that!!!


Oh By The Way… Allest if by chance you read this…you are in my crosshairs