Frustrating to play on Windows 10 desktop

either the game crashes,  the mouse disappears for a few seconds…  and ends up on the insta’s so you get one without wanting it.  It is basically the general layout of the game flow versus all the button selections present  units, scroll items,  and the like.  This could be a better game to play if some thought what put to the layout for laptop/desktop users. 


follow up to moderator question… during a battle on a busy screen the mouse disappears for a few seconds – then appears over the instas circle bottom middle… and since I click to see if I can get the mouse pointer to appear [too small a pointer and the color should be different so it is more visible] an insta is activated.  Again during a battle… the I press the 1,2,3 keys to activate units – and Q key – looks like the keyboard type ahead buffer fills and again the game stalls.  And while scrolling to the top to click timewarp [for me} the windows bar appears and I actually press the “X” and the game closes and I lose trophies [not a big deal - but frustrating].  It would be better if the buttons were placed along the side to prevent the windows bar from appearing. 

Could you please elaborate what exactly you are saying? 

People must learn in end 2018 to do screenshots or video

Windows 10 PC

Step 1

Screenshot Key

Screenshot (depending of your keyboard) my previous was windows logo on the right + Print Screen. My actual keyboard is now Fn (left one) + Windows logo + Print Screen

Video Key

If you use Windows Game DVR : Windows Logo + Alt (left) + R

If you use AMD Adrenaline app with Relive : Depend here of what you set it for me its CTRL (Left) + Shift (Left) + R

Step 2

For Screenshot if you have only 1 to show : choose files and select your screenshot

If you have more screenshot to show then use Online Image Resizer

Step 3

if you want to show video : Dailymotion and Youtube or private website where you have put your video like Cloud or else or whatever 

Step 4

After we can help you or Flare can help you. Like us they don’t know how to resolve your issues with just words if they don’t understand at all