Frustrating Trophies system

So balancing the trophies system is an urgent requirement in the game. 

Just got disconnected during a raid, loosing more than 50 trophies… 

Its terribly unbalanced since your wins give an average of 1 to 5 at the most…

Kinda frustrating… ? 

Its bad enough when you dont get disconnected:) just lost 44 trophs to a guy 5lvls higher with 500 more trophs than me…seems a bit rough. I know pick your fights an all, but gettin flushed on a much tougher guy…

I also think the trophy system is unbalanced. The amount you lose after even a simple disconnect is terrifying, I have managed to clear the whole defense then it disconnects after the winning animation and it counts as a loss… So so frustrating but sometimes I understand that cannot be helped but with a 60+ trophy loss its just a kick in the teeth haha!

**Edit** - Live server update went live so hopefully this will have fixed the problem!

Great that we wont be getting much higher lvl players on our islands:) doesnt help with the monsters already sitting on my islands though…

Was highly modified with new update.

I just failed against a base that was 7 lvls higher than me, and still GAINED 7 trophies.

That is exaggerated, isn’t it?

I can’t wait for the next update that will re-balance the new balance system. :stuck_out_tongue:

As with all games its an ongoing process haha!