Fu!! em all (alliance)

Hi there!


I started an alliance at the time when alliances became possible. I created it just to know what is what. Since then I try and fail to find new members. I send invitations but get no reaction.


Maybe somebody knows if there are some methods or tricks?


Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance. 


P.s. If somebody is looking for an allince to join - Fu!! em all welcomes you… :grinning:

Dude two advice-

1-if you are new to this game instead of making your own alliance,join any other alliance which help you to grow faster.upgrade your alliance tower to start donating atleast 100k and when you gain enough experience or have trophies around 2500 then form your alliance and start recruiting because your donations can make it grow faster.

2-if you are not following 1 and opening your alliance try to send request to those having trophies in the range 600 to 1000 and they must not be the member of any other alliance because since your alliance is new they never gonna join it.notice their symbol if it blank dark blue send them request.

What I had done…

I had followed number one and one week ago I opened my alliance.in just one week I have 13/13 members and alliance rank 1333…

Note-if you have trophies greater than thousand and donating at least 20k daily.you are most welcome in my alliance FUNNY PEOPLE:-)…ENJOY;-)


I guess I’m not new to the game. My hero level is 80 and I’ve got 3200 trophies. My alliance tower lets me donate 50 k. I’ve got one member who donates 75k.


Number 2 is worth a try.


Thanx!!  :slight_smile:


p.s. Thank you for an invitation but first I try to improve my own one  :grinning:

Dude you are exactly following number 1…Best of luck for your alliance…enjoy :slight_smile: