fuckbitch everybody

Fuckbitch everybody if you think you can beat me come on. My name in this game(royal revolt2) is Dewlonger My clan is Ripper

ROFLOLCOPTER, I think everybody on this forum can beat your base without even summoning troops :stuck_out_tongue:

* Run away in panic :ph34r:

Dude because of you there is conflict going on in my troop academy.all my units are fighting with each other.knights are saying I want to crush his castle gate,whereas archers are saying no I will pee first at his castle gate,then you will get the chance.on the other hand ogre and wolf are fighting with each other.because wolf want to eat your king but ogre is stopping him because he wants to take a bath under those frost towers:D…any way I am trying to stop this conflict but I can’t stop palladins and pyros because palladins are fatter than me and i am alergic to fire. :wink:

Rofl; Fuckbitch everybody…hahaha, whats thát supposed to mean?

I was deeply impressed when I saw your base.

I just didnt dare to attack it…

I am not sure he/she is the one he/she claims to be. It is his/her only post on the forum and that’s suspicious. Everybody can claim he is a certain player.


Might be another person, whose intention it is to bring another player/alliance in discredit/trouble.  

I gave it a try… All my troops were to scared so they didn’t dare to come with me. All my spells refused duty because they tought they couldn’t do any harm to such a monstreous  base. So it was just me, myself and I against the great Dewlonger. I barely survived, it was pure disaster,  barely made it to the castle gate and finished with no less then 45 sec to spare. Damn, that was a hell of a fight.

The dude got balls for sure. But he/she is definitely out of my reach. Because he/she is darn to low from my rank.


BTW, his/her first post earn him/her first warning point.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (okay, my stomach hurts now)



You gotta admit, for his current rank it isn’t so bad a defense. I had 1900 trophies when I unlocked the level one ogre :lol:


@Jookee: You are a small dude! Only 150 bread per battle?

65 * 2 = 130, not 120 :huh:

Why is I can’t get gems


Are you trying to get gems on a Windows device/system? (Windows devices do not offer F or TapJoy services).

How are you trying to get gems?


Why does it take forever to get gems

It is how Flare makes money.