Full build best heroes for auto attack


I´m level 118 and rounding 10.000 trophies. I use to play this game while doing other things in my daily life.

For this reason, it´s essential for me to make most of fights using autoattack.

Time ago it was easy with some héroes.  After updates, my increased level and trophies it has been changing. Actually I guess I´m close to max all powers and fight the highest players of the game, so I´m looking to get the right balance on some héroes to be able to keep doing autoattacks.

I had to dismiss Hércules as my main hero because he has por protection agains elements, so he used to die even killing really fast.

Actually, my best autoattack héroes are: Athena, Perseus and Jasón (don´t remember the english name :wink: ). Still waiting to maximice Achiles powers to introduce on the top group.

What hero do you use for autoattacks? And, what build do you use? Is there any way to take back Hércules to the top? (many health steal ítems?)

I would like to have some others experiences on high levels players

(I will show pictures after of my héroes and equipment…)

Thanks in advance.

hi @COSACO some players says Cadmus is the best for autoplay

Thanks @vasudeva1. I guess my Cadmus is not actually good enough… I will check. Maybe upgrading somethings…

IMG_5872.PNG IMG_5871.PNG IMG_5870.PNG IMG_5869.PNG

I use cadmus and helen for autoattack. The are very good…

All depend of many factor. All Heroes are good in autoplay. I use right now Hercule,Perseus,Helen of Troy,Jason, Ajax and Prometheus in autoplay without problem. Only Ariadne demand to play in manual. The AI try to run Ariadne ahead alone like if she is super strong and die in 1 shot or 3 times in same place if you let’s the computer play. So you need to control her manual to stay behind.

The rest all depend of cooldown and items and strength of your units and power. Helen of Troy by example I up her at 40% of cooldown and up his Fire at 75% and Poison at 30%. on weapon and glove I give her Life on Hit so this way they stay alive if she is in trouble in a corner or whatever

Jason by example if you give him like over 10k life on hit. The computer know how to control him without die

Achilles possible in autoplay but I use him in manual because in autoplay the computer wait too long before use shield or waste shield on only few troops. So you need to control him manual to use well the shield

Hercule is all about Attack and life on hit. Mine is at 6k damage and I continue to forge his weapon and glove to up him at over 1000 to reach maybe 7000 or more. Hercule is a tank but need a little help with Life on Hit. So in ring and trinket I give him Life on Hit and Attack Speed. On weapon and glove life on hit too.

Perseus if you want to use him in autoplay you need to give him close 30% cooldown and use Talos and Okeanos with a another power like Damocles to do huge damage. With him I give him HP Regen and full Attack Speed

Cadmus its obvious like Helen of Troy is full cooldown items and life on hit

Ajax is average so you can give him life on hit if you want he survive alone. Attack speed for massive damage or full cooldown if your troops are not enough strong so he can cast his spells more often to help more the troops

this is my way to play them maybe for someone else can be others settings