Full treasury

What happen when alliance treasury is full and someone isnt aware of that and donate. My alliance friend said that today he donated and later noticed that treasury is full- no he didnt filled it- my questions is - WHY we can still donate when treasury is full, and if treasury cant take more gold and people are donaing and loosing gold then where their gold is going to? Shouldnt “donate gold” button be gray/inactive due to treasury being full? @GalaMorgane or @FTB please answer.


Allinace Gold doesn’t have any limit. It’s just shows full when the need for next level is achieved but you know you can still donate and donate…u can upgrade 5 levels at 5 taps…so yeah when it gets full the extra gold still remains there which will be used for next level up

alliance lvl 80?

Even if allinace level is 80 they will still have gold treasury showing gold is full but still they can donate daily to get ready for more levels and champs and all the boosts

Some confusion

Your alliance’s treasure never gets “full”, it just keeps accumulating.

For instance, if your alliacen’s level up costs 100 million gold and you reach it, the treasure keeps going. 101 million, 102 millions, 103, etc etc. You can even go beyond 1 billion, 10 billions etc.


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no no no…precious thoughts :wink:  

No limit are you sure? a Alliance can really reach 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 and more its possible? I am sure there is a cap somewhere like gems at 999,999

Think about this: does it really matter if it’s possible to go that high? Is it not enough to know that it can go well above 10 billions ?

Food for thought.

You right let’s say its unlimited

Yeah that right

:slight_smile:guys flaregame may be changes that

Iknow flaregame he dont care about money he care about  members :slight_smile:

goodluck guys and flaregame

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