Fun Royal Revolt 2 Videos

The three most active Royal Revolt 2 chanels (without the flaregames chanel are : 

This topic will speak about fun videos, gameplays are here :


In this moment Flothaboss makes videos about new weapons (from top to bottom : pencil sword, meat sword and cleaning the toilet  ^_^) :



These are the last Flothaboss videos which are not very efficient in strategy but you can see it :

17/10 :

14/10 :


The last Flothaboss video about a new equipement of the update (20/10) :


A new item (21/10, Flothaboss) :


I have the same weapon it is very efficient !

A zombie Army !


“Raid only with…” compilation (Flothaboss) :

  1. Raging wolf
  1. Zombies
  1. Units 
  1. Spells


A raid without healing unit and spell ? Flothaboss did it !

Hero only ?


Strange weapon


“Raid only with” compilation :


“Top 10 of attack only with spells”