Fun super Ninja combo

This is the first time we had Ninjas since Christmas festival where flare introduced the new armor that gives Merc boost. In the past, one can only have one Merc boost from helmet. Now, we can have two, including that which is provided by the new armor.


How much difference would it make to offensive ninjas? Here’s a video for it.





It’s just a fun combo. The strength of the double perked ninjas can be seen most obviously at the start where I haven’t built my army yet, and those incoming necromancers and wolves were shred by the ninjas.


P.s. ninjas have an attack rate of 4.0. A double perked ninja does 500+ damage. This means one Ninja is dealing 2k damage per second. Multiply it with 5, double perked ninjas deal 10k damage per second. Sounds fun? ?

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I doubt you even need ninja for this combo.

you are awesome in it