fun wars

What is really wrong with the war matching is its boring. We are eiither getting creamed or creaming some other alliance. there are no good fights.

I agree. The top 20 alliances are either getting punished by the top 5 and punishing everyone else. It is just odd to me because there are plenty of alliances close to each others strength.



It needs to be easier for weak players to build up so there are more alliances around the same strength.

The best should fight the best. The mid-level should fight the mid-level. The lower-level should fight the lower-level.


That really is the crux of it. In all of the war seasons, I think we’ve been reasonably matched maybe once or twice–where if everyone pitched in, we’d probably just squeak through a victory. Otherwise we’re looking at >40,000-skull differences. Granted, it’s a little bit more fun when we’re the ones getting the boosts, but it’s not exactly adrenaline-rush action either way.