Funny Moments - RR2 Version


Credit to @Hellslord who made this thread for the Olympus Rising forum. Post funny moments (and screenshots to add some depth to the moment) below!!



There is only a hen>?


Hello, great idea AK and Hellslord. ? Let’s see what we get! And let’s see if we find in our archive some funny bugs as well that I can post here :grinning:


The devs provided me with some footage. I am not gonna post all of them today, but let’s start with these 2 highlights :wink:



Hehe, looks like the tent is wrapped in present paper!  :wink:


Lol, Eldrak is standing on his eyes, that’s gotta hurt


It’s a bear, not a rabbit

Is this the foot of Archimedes? Elise’s foot?



@aslan, you’re avoiding the obvious. It’s the leg of Paul Bunyan’s ox, Babe. Thus the name :wink:  


It is that one, pretty sure. It was “Ein Schweinchen namens Babe” in German.


No idea what the devs (and/or their hardware) were smoking there but it’s some serious stuff.

Okay, I don’t have a screenshot or anything but you know how various effects stay in effect when you win a raid or die? One time I beat the gate and a leftover tower collapsed late in the victory scene. No idea if it was even hit with something or not. And no, it didn’t count as a destroyed tower in the score. But it was funny, never had anything like this basically just before screen changed to raid summary screen.


I call it the cannon ball effect because I find  it is easy to happens while using cannons. 

Ones I died just in front of the enemy gate. The green bottle already appeared when the gate started crumbling on it own and the victory screen appeared superimposed to my dead body. 

It was like a miracle! 


One more… King went full Ninja-mode.

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It’s the Shadow King, Lord of Darkness! The world is doomed!


Flare Inspiration:


My question is, how did you win that attack and not get any medals?


If I remember well, Leagues are unlocked only after a certain level of Throne Room, and that’s a lvl 10 account, when you are not on a league you don’t get any medals on raids


Ah thanks. Didn’t notice that the king was only level 10


Throwback Wednesday? (Well, why not^^)

This bug is not that funny, BUT it was the first bug ever discovered in the game. This is from the 2nd of August 2013. Getting nostalgic


Lol, Madlen, that morale bar is legit  


Ah, thoose times. No Pals, no Beasts, no Instas, no Ogres (and co. as there were no Dungeons), no Alliances …