Funny Moments - RR2 Version

From the picture it looks there were no good graphics either

It’s amazing to see the improvement of the game since that time!

Another gem^^


Madlen just found the ultra-rare magic carpet which increases the hero`s speed by 100%!  

Happy Fri-yay…

Since Halloween is approaching, let’s post this creepy pic :grinning:

Somebody forgot to turn on the portal here? Didn’t pay transport bills and it was cut off?

@Madlen is still happened but with lightening tower  , and for those who will say you just destroyed the tower you can see that my ogre long gone and my spells are almost both ready to be used lol

He might be not at home …


Wow that’s a lot of skulls. Over 4 Billion  

I saw that too, AK. I was like "wait, what? And how? ". Lol flare done overboarded with their random this time.

I don’t even know what this is lol.

That’s a pretty massive mortar bomb lol. Caught in the act of exploding! Epic picture!

I don’t have footage of this but the other day I started a raid, hit stun on the first targets and then a completely still enemy ogre (that was probably jumping a barricade at the time) slid through my troops and tent, like a ghost, and disappeared. That was a bizarre glitch if I ever saw one (it forgot to stay in the air when stunned, like everything else, or something?).

Ahem, storyline of every Pro League for me.

When you run out of time / die / destroy the gate
all at the same time…

… And that’s a victory!

thanksjesus.gif  praisegod.gif

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New environment? :wink:

whatever is that thing happening to the castle walls, I kinda like it  :stuck_out_tongue:

having new castle looks on different landscapes could be nice

Towers Look like candy. Mmm

Gems towers?) i want it.