Funny Moments

While main troops and my  Cadmus dealing with a monster Perseus, that tiny Spearman was there at least 30 seconds until the gate destroyed?

Thanks Spearman you are awesome and very brave ???

2017-08-22 00.12.18.png

“Hey big brother, something wrong here, I have to destroy your gate, not you destroy mine” 

2017-08-22 00.37.46-1.png

Dear CaptainMorgan, game crushed suddenly, when i summoned a spearman, idk why? ???

2017-08-22 21.14.38.png

“Which shield i must wear tonight?” 

2017-08-23 14.01.36.png

LOL if you have other funny screenshot don’t hesitate to post it. LOL amazing

 “My Poor Workers” ,  you are only ??? people and do all the job 7/24.  The other  1.952.333 only partying ???


2017-08-26 15.07.03.png

Now I know what takes them so long to finish upgrades, they’re just walking around 


Civil war?

I also have something to post …

When 2 alliance attacking (ganging) for 3 days, i guess the punishment is not enough sentenced, so we attacked ourselves too… 

2017-12-31 17.53.32.png

I really wonder to see the war map. It must be damn hard to command :slight_smile:

Yes? that was Funny as well as bit confusing for us at that time … The whole war map looked red like bloodshit everywhere …

??‍♂️Gym Freak ??..

One hand Push-ups .!!


Who would win a running race till the gate? A Trebuchet or Prometheus?

… After looong watching, 

?Winner is Trebuchet?

Lol, Prometheus how did you steal the fire from Mount Olympus and managed to run away. Is it a lie? ???

Oops.!! That must have hurt ?

Idiot you have to break the Gate not his a**


When Your crush is at home and you are trying to have a look of her from Key hole ??and you are ready for it if her Daddy catches You…!! :crossed_swords:???

Let’s kill him stag… ?

Wait ?

? Headless Persues…



Free parking… ??

Torches Hahahahhahahahha