Funny Moments

Haha,How r they not winning with that many torches?

Sadly I was not enough fast to take a screenshot too much fascinating by the thing lol

I have do a raid with many Medusa with Helen of Troy and charm some others Medusa and one of them same if become red have continue to walk with my troops and destroy all until the Medusa realize lol she was on the other camp lol. I will try to reproduce this if i can and take a screenshot

This phoenix just was relentless in trying to kill me. was hitting me from off screen!! ???

That phoenix might be thinking if i can not kill Prometheus, i burn everything ???

@CB50 are you beta testing the new blessed Phoenix?!

Nope nope thatd be cool though


All This Fury’s For Persus Hahahahah 

Perfect timing and just plain lucky!

@AwesomestKnightest, what confidential information you’re hiding behind those blacks ?

Run into some bad luck with hackers in RR2. Don’t want to risk anything :grinning:  

O yes to buldt a 48lvl is very hard, it need many years of a hard work and you write you must hide this iformation from the hakers???

That’s smart actually. No joke. 

Those are the kinds of things that get asked as a challenge question when you’re requesting to recover an account. 

No, it’s not difficult) I remember this war well)

This is what it looks like when the Hercules species make a Hive to live in

I saw 6 hercules right now… Do i have to see an ophtalmologist? ?

I’ve got another to add to this. I just got to the magic number for Prestige!!


Unless u summon a Phoenix and it resurrects them all ???