FUNNY PEOPLE:-) alliance.....

Hello guys if you are new to this game and wanted to join an alliance,here is an opportunity for you.join my alliance FUNNY PEOPLE:-)…

There is only one requirement…

“you should play daily and try to upgrade yourself”…

I started this alliance yesterday and currently we have 4 members two having trophies greater than 2000 and other two having trophies 1800 and 1200 respectively…

I repeat again there is no minimum requirement,no boundation and no limits…

We are purely dedicated to fun…

Come,help each other and grow together…


Cool alliance! Hope you rise up soon :slight_smile:

Right now we have 8 members out of 11…if anyone wants to fill those two slots you are most welcome…

We are full now I.e 11/11…with the upgradation of alliance more slots will be available for some other players…till then enjoy and thanx for joining:-)

We are13/13:-)

Here is an another opportunity for you guys…we increase our alliance level from 10 to 14 in just one day.currently we have 19 slots and 16 of them are filled.

We are looking for active players having trophies greater than 1000 and minimum 20k donation If you are interested in joining,send me request or post your name here.

Alliance name-FUNNY PEOPLE:-)


Gold boost-17%

we have currently three boost(barricades,spikes and palladins) but we are more focused on upgrading our if you are interested in joining,you are most welcome:-)

WE ARE 20/20…RANK-680,thanx for joining guys…more slots will be created in few days to provide platform to some more starting players…till then enjoy:-)

We upgraded our alliance and one slot is opened if you have minimum 1000 trophies and donating at least 20k,send me request or pm me your in game name.



We have two slots right now,so if anyone of you having minimum trophies 1000 and donating minimum 20k are most can send me request or pm me your ingame name.




Thanks guys for those lots of request.i added you guys in my favourite list(not to attack;-)),but to send you request when you full fill the minimum criteria to join the alliance.

We are full currently but i think new slot will be created in couple of days,till then enjoy:)






We upgraded our alliance to two level more and created two if anyone having minimum trophies 1000 and donating minimum 20k wants to join,you are most welcome:)

Alliance-funny people:-)

Gold boost-26%

Members-29 out of 31

We just unlocked the raging wolf and are full now I.e 33/33.

But in future we will be upgrading ourselves to make more friends,till then enjoy:)

Looking for new alliance, as current one is dead :confused:

IGN: Shemyaza


lvl: 70, 3099 trophies


donation: 150k and rising

hoping to find an active alliance to win wars with. I spent 10k gems (57M gold) trying to help dead alliance win wars and still could not tip the scales. Would love to help fund your efforts.