Furious Ferrets lvl29 1700 trophies minimum

We are looking for active members who like to fight in wars and are happy to donate.

We have a great team who will assist and help each other so its a fun alliance.

We do expect members to fight and participate in the alliance as its a team thing and that’s the only way it works.

Predominately English speaking…

Apply to join… :slight_smile:

Hello, I would like to apply to join your alliance.

I’m friendly and a good team player, I’m still learning all the ropes but I hope that’s what I can get from an alliance. I’m willing to donate all I can and help the team in all the ways I can. I hope you’ll have me.  :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.


you can join our alliance…ejen generousty and we will accept you and build the alliance together as a temmate

Skybird … why don’t you open a post for your own alliance…


We still have some spots so apply to join :slight_smile:


We still have some spots…

And boosts from last war

So if you want to join and fight then now is a good time


Come join us … lots of fun… well we think so…